An LPC is a Licensed Professional Counselor. LPCs in the state of Texas are regulated by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors, and this Board is part of the Texas Behavioral Health Executive Council. A Licensed Professional Counselor is required to have at least a Master of Education degree in Counseling or a counseling-related field, and complete 3,000 hours of supervised experience in the field of professional counseling.
Both LPCs and psychologists can provide counseling services, and both can perform a variety of testing and evaluations. However, there are certain types of testing services which psychologists are licensed to perform but LPCs are not.
You can expect a warm, inviting atmosphere where you will be respected and encouraged. We will use our time in counseling to work on accomplishing the goals you choose. Our work may include talk therapy, coping skills training, relaxation/guided imagery exercises, relationship skill building, and other treatments. Together we can look at the patterns you find yourself stuck in, understand why these patterns started and what maintains them, and then work on reorienting to healthier beliefs, actions, and relationships. The result is that you feel better, function better, and find more joy in daily living.
No. It is possible that we will discuss topics that are uncomfortable for you at times, but there will never be any attempt to manipulate or pressure you to discuss something you do not want to discuss, or to disclose something you do not wish to disclose. To meet your goals, I may encourage you to discuss things that are difficult, but your “no” will always be respected. While effective counseling can challenge you it should never be controlling or disrespectful.
Yes. None of your information can be shared without your written consent. There are a few exceptions to this such as:
  • Abuse or neglect of a minor, a person with a handicap, or an elderly person
  • A court subpoena
  • If I have strong evidence that you intend to end your life or harm someone else
If you wish for me to talk to someone on your behalf you can sign a Consent to Release Confidential Information form. Examples for why you might want me to share information include:
  •  You would like me to send a diagnosis to a medical doctor
  •  You would like me to talk with a family member
  •  If a church or a family member is paying for your sessions, I would need a release in order to send them billing information
  •  You would like me to write a letter to your university asking for accommodation for special housing needs or the allowance of an emotional support animal on campus
This is dependent upon you and your needs. Some clients benefit from weekly appointments, while other clients may schedule less frequently.
I work on a sliding scale with fees based on household income. The fee ranges from $100 a session to $150 a session. However, if you cannot afford the fee please call me at (817) 778-0678. I want everyone to be able to get help and I maintain several pro-bono (no fee/low fee) clients at all times.
No, however I am happy to provide a receipt for you to file with your insurance for reimbursement.
No. Only a medical doctor, physician’s assistant, or nurse practitioner can prescribe medication. Sometimes counseling is sufficient to address an issue, but there are instances when medication can be very helpful or even necessary. I can assist you in choosing a psychiatrist or doctor who can provide an evaluation for prescription medication.
Yes. I am a counselor who is also a follower of Jesus Christ. I believe that ultimately God is the one who heals and restores. I also believe that all truth is God’s truth, including: scientific discoveries about how the brain works, empirically tested techniques that bring about change in psychological functioning, and well researched theories on attachment, development, and mental health.
No. Everyone is accepted, welcomed, cared for, and respected regardless of their beliefs. Whether or not faith issues are incorporated into the counseling process is up to each individual client.
Yes. Technology has allowed greater access to counseling for clients who were previously unable to attend sessions or who had to terminate counseling because of travel, school, relocation, or medical issues. I offer telehealth counseling via telephone or via secure and HIPAA compliant online video conferencing. If you choose to do an online session you will receive an email with a link to access the session.
Please see the information on the Services page.
A map and directions are available on the Office Location page.
You can call me at (817) 778-0678, or click here to Request an Appointment using my HIPAA compliant secure client portal.